Sunday, August 9, 2009


*Both sketches are 18x22" pencil and white charcoal on paper

When I was 21, I gave my parents the news that I had decided to go to school for art. I was transferring out of community college and wanted to pursue a career in illustration. This was a huge step for me, but this news didn't sit so well with my father. Traditionally, the idea of art school seems to be frowned upon for some odd reason. I never understood how anyone could discourage someone for chasing something they're passionate about. Luckily for me, after a few years at school, my dad started to see the progress I was making and noticed how serious I was taking it. My work got better, I was studying more, really getting involved and surrounding myself in it. Eventually my father came around and now shows a real interest in what I'm doing. Oddly enough, he gets excited at the idea of me needing his help to pose for pieces. This latest sketch proposal sounded something a bit like this...

Me: "Can you pose for me tonight? I need to do a sketch."
Dad: "Yea? Sure. What am I going to be this time?"
Me: "Um.. you're going to be a ..uh...a dwarf."
Dad: "A dwarf? What happened? I was a king last time, now I'm a dwarf?"
Me: "Some dwarves are kings too, Dad."
Dad: "I'm not sure if I like being demoted, do I get a crown again?"
Me: "No.. no crown this time."
Dad: "Oh, well... alright then." *slight sound of disappointment as I have him don a cloak*

Either way, he's really happy with the sketch he's in. I'm really looking forward to starting these and I'll have both finished by the end of the month. Just wanted to share them with you guys now that the "8-Bit & Beyond" Show has passed. Hope you guys dig them and I look forward to seeing what everyone else starts to produce now that summer is almost at an end!



Shoki said...

Wow man, seriously awesome art!

Christopher Soprano said...

The dramatic side light works great.

The figures are expressive without being melodramatic.

Will you paint with oils directly on top of these or do you project them onto another material?

Hope you post photos of you progress.

Thanks for sharing.

Eric Braddock said...

Shoki- Thanks, man! Glad you like em.

Chris- I love artists like Caravaggio and Rembrandt that use that really dramatic lighting, trying to incorporate more of it into my work.

These are sketches on paper, but I'm going to try out an old process I attempted a few years back, mounting a copy of your sketch onto board, sealing it, then painting directly over top of it. We'll see how it goes.. haha

Yeah I'll post some WIPs, expect to see some stuff in a week or so.


Daniel Fishel said...

Dude, I am totally looking forward to seeing these pieces get finish. Its a good thing that you have your parents support now.

Christopher Soprano said...

Definitely let me know how the process of mounting the copy goes.

I met Donato two years ago. He explained he works like that.

He gets very inexpensive large-format copies from Fed-Ex/Kinko's by using his own paper in their blue-print machine.

I've tried once on a smaller scale but the paper never de-wrinkled.

Eric Braddock said...

Oh trust me.. I know all about Donato's work, the guy is a huge influence (in case it wasn't obvious). haha..

And actually, he bought his own large format printer since then and now just prints them from his studio. So much more convenient.

Fish- Thanks, man! I'll try not to disappoint :)

NickTrip said...

Great sketches, Eric! This stuff looks amazing. I actually paint by mounting a print onto my board. I hope the process goes well for you.

Eric Braddock said...

Thanks, Nick! Yeah I tried it out when I was a junior and I was having some problems with it so I just moved on. Figure I'll give it another try!

The Mad Dame said...

Those sketches are beautiful. I hope painting over them works out.

pw! said...

god Eric these are incredible, even by your high standards! the lighting, the faces, the architecture, the accessories for lack of better phrases...amazing. i also had a lot of convincing to do with my parents, but in the end they've been encouraging in the most monumental ways. hopefully we can all give them much to be proud of. best wishes to you always buddy

Eric Braddock said...

Dame- Thanks so much! I hope so too :)

pw!- Thanks for your support, man! I had such fun with these.. I just hope I can do the finished pieces justice haha

Anonymous said...

charcoal and chalk on toned paper always yields awesome results and this is no exception. the only thing i notice is that the figure playing the flute kinda looks like he's flipping me off, otherwise very cool.

Minder S. said...

What an awesome story man, congratulations. And the sketches are amazing.

Chris Whetzel said...

Eric, these look great! I really enjoy your drawings!

Eric Braddock said...

tfk- I actually didn't even notice that, haha! hopefully it won't steal away from everything ;) Thanks, man!

Minder- Thanks so much! I'm a huge fan of Tim O'Brien's blog over on Drawger and really love how his posts include some kind of story relating to the posted piece. Wanted to give it a try myself. Glad ya dig it!

Chris- Thanks, dude! I have more, there will be another post at the end of the month probably.