Sunday, November 14, 2010

Giant Robot LA | Post It Note Show 6

I am very excited and humbled to be invited into the Giant Robot LA | Post It Note 6 show, curated by Mark Todd and Esther Pearl Watson.

For the post it notes I am submitting, I thought I would take random images from my sketch book and killed sketches to be made into painted images. Some pieces are deep, meaningful and have a back story, while others I made because I thought they would make a cool images. Who doesn't want to make cool stuff?

The Opening will be at Giant Robot in Los Angeles, CA on December 11th. Huge thanks to Mark and Esther for inviting me to be part of the show.

"Focus" - 4x4 Acrylic, Blue Lead Pencil and Ink on a gessoed post it note

"About the other night" - 4x4 Acrylic and Ink on a gessoed post it note

"Foresight" - 4x4 Acrylic and Ink on a gessoed post it note

"Midnight Oil" - 4x4 Acrylic and Ink on a gessoed post it note

"Fall Reading" - 4x4 Acrylic and Ink on a gessoed post it note

- Daniel Fishel


Jaclyn Sinquett said...

beautiful, Fish! what an awesome project.

jim bradshaw said...

Judging by what you did, I think Mark and Esther will be very stoked that they invited you. What a fun gig! I tried to pic a fav but love them all.

Anonymous said...

i like the intimacy of these.

Anonymous said...

The first three work, but the last one feels awkward and stiff. The colors are good though.

Anonymous said...

i feel the last one (fall reading) is the one that's working more than the others. good colors in all of them, and very good texture. i think doing observational drawings from life and really looking at what you're drawing and maybe how things work and also thinking about the marks you are making on the page or maybe doing a lot of studies will help you take this very good work to the next level.

Daniel Fishel said...

Thanks for the comments guys!

Hey Anonymous, cut me alittle bit of slack. I never, and I mean never, work this small. My drawings usually arent larger than 11x15 to get the amount of control I want. Besides I don't see much wrong with these.

I draw everyday and try to do something new each week.

Anonymous said...

In the illustration world there is no slack to be cut.

Daniel Fishel said...

It's a good thing that "gallery work" and "illustration work" is a subjective art form, where many flavors of work can exist. I am aware that my work isn't formally realistic, and I take certain liberties in how I draw the form. I had a hard time with the size but thats me. To me the work looks right and thats that.

To hide anonymously is pretty cowardly when talking down about a persons artwork.

pete ryan said...

I think these are fun pieces Dan - lots to be proud of!

Nimit Malavia said...

These are fantastic dude! I'm particularly blown away that you were able to use your full mixed media process on 4"x 4" post-it notes.

Killer! Congrats on the show D!

Anonymous said...

I am impressed with what you did with the small scale as well, and your explorations with color really paid off. Also, congrats to being in the show!

I agree completely with the "subjective" nature in art, and there's certainly a "flavor" for everyone, this just isn't mine. I "subjectively" will never understand hiding behind the Art Brut", Outsider/Ignorant Art movements, "liberties", or "art" in general, as a purposeful refusal to learn how to draw.

I can't speak for the other "anonymous" people who also felt like commenting here, but while I agree with you it may be "cowardly" for me to not log in, I had hoped the points addressed here speak for themselves. My "talking down" doesn't require a name any more than the nice compliments I also gave, or the constructive push in the "subjective" right direction.

Congrats again on the show, and keep up the worthwhile explorations

Chris Whetzel said...

First, I'd like to say sorry for not being too active on the blog these days. I don't even know if I'm considered a member anymore. But I do check the blog pretty regularly as it is in my blogger feed. So I'm always lurking :)

However, it seems I missed this post, and I only came across it after hearing about these comments.

I tip my hat to folks finally bringing some constructive criticism to this blog. Anonymous or not, we should all still take it to heart and think about those words being applied to our own work. It doesn't matter who is saying it, it is being said by a viewer of your image. This anonymouse person (or persons) started off with observations and a critique (something rare on this blog), and then they stated an opinion about the business and not about the images. To react by calling it "talking down" is (in my opinion), a rash response. For crying out loud, they are trying to help and improve your work. I don't see this as any different to those crits we all sat through in school.
We can all always improve, and we should be thankful to have a community like this to help us beyond our school years.

I'm glad to see this blog is moving away from the big circle-jerk it was a year ago. We're all adults; let discuss our art as such. I am of the mind that art would be posted here to share and get feedback. Besides, if you want a pat on the back, those comments are pretty much a given.

Anyone one in charge can feel free to delete this. I won't take offense.

Enjoy the Day,